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January 14, 2016 Preliminary Council Agenda

December 10, 2015 Council Agenda

November 12, 2015 Council Agenda

October 8, 2015 Council Agenda

September 10, 2015 Council Agenda

August 13, 2015 Council Agenda

July 09, 2015 Council Agenda

June 11, 2015 Final Agenda

May 14, 2015 Final Agenda

April 9, 2015 Final Agenda

March 12, 2015 Final Agenda

February 12, 2015 Final Agenda










February 12, 2015 Final Agenda

Sean Shultz

Councilman Sean Shultz was elected to the Carlisle Borough Council in 2013, and had previously filled a vacancy on council in 2005 before serving an elected, four-year term from 2008 through 2011.  Sean has been the president of the Carlisle Volunteer Firefighters Association since 2012, and he is a member of the Carlisle Fire Department through his membership with Carlisle Fire and Rescue Services.  Sean earned his Juris Doctor at the Penn State-Dickinson School of Law.  As an attorney with the Carlisle firm of Saidis, Sullivan & Rogers, Sean works in Downtown Carlisle.  He has served our community as a volunteer for numerous organizations, including president of Carlisle Summerfair, president of the American Literacy Corporation, and with the United Way.  Sean is the chairperson of Council’s Sustainability and Community Planning Committee and serves as vice-chair of the Employee Relations and Citizen Participation Committee.  Sean’s current term expires at the end of 2017.

Mr. Shultz values thoughtful input from any source and any perspective.  To contact him, you may email him at