Carlisle Plan

Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan Overview

The Carlisle URP Implementation Projects are now available for download on the URP Implementation Projects section of this website.

The Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Plan is available for download on the Urban Redevelopment Plan section of this website.

In an effort to continue the implementation findings of the Urban Redevelopment Plan (URP), the Borough of Carlisle, in partnership with the Redevelopment Authority of Cumberland County, received funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to advance several components of the URP, adopted in 2013. The EPA’s funding was provided through the agency’s Area-Wide Brownfields Planning Program and is focused on assisting communities with known post-industrial brownfields in addressing specific activities needed to attract neighborhood reinvestment and brownfield site redevelopment.

A key part of this implementation effort, a series of public workshops will be held with the community throughout 2014, to develop specific project design and implementation strategies. Please see the schedule & events page for more details on schedule public workshops and community events.

The key elements of the URP that will be advancing during this phase of work over the next year include:

Developing specific design recommendations for transportation components of the areas, including for B Street, Fairground Avenue, Carlisle Springs Road and N. Hanover Street.
Preparing schematic designs and concepts to manage stormwater, mitigate existing flooding problem and create integrated open and public space with potential stormwater management facilities.

Defining specific strategies to improve the economic vibrancy of the N. Hanover Street Corridor from High Street to Carlisle Springs Road, as a critical connection between the downtown and the IAC redevelopment site.

Explore opportunities to improve the residential areas surrounding the key brownfield sites.
Continuing to work with private property owners as they develop specific redevelopment plans for each of the key brownfield sites.

Carlisle Borough, with nearly 4% growth over the past 10 years bucked the statewide trend of disinvestment from core communities, as population and economic growth sprawls to surrounding suburbs. The Borough’s abundance of housing opportunities, diverse economy, and high quality-of-life has fueled recent growth. These positive trends have been tempered; however, with the closing of several of Carlisle’s long-time resident industries over the past four years, including:

2008 – International Automotive Components Group (IAC), a manufacturer of flooring and acoustics products to the automotive industry closed its plant in Carlisle, leaving 152 employees jobless. The plant first opened in 1919.

2009 – Tyco, a manufacturer of electronic components and connections for the computer and communications industries, closed its doors at its plant on Hamilton Street in Carlisle, leaving 117 unemployed.

2010 – Carlisle Tire and Wheel (CTW) relocated its operation to Jackson, TN and in turn left 340 employees jobless. CTW, a manufacturer and importer of agriculture, ATV, golf, aviation, trailer, and lawn and garden tires opened in Carlisle in 1917.

These manufacturing operations were all located in close proximity to one another in the urbanized northern part of Carlisle Borough. While their closings have created short term hardship, the nearly 50 acres of vacant property left in their wake, creates a substantial urban redevelopment opportunity for the future.

Since their respective closings, private sector interests have purchased and expressed redevelopment interest. All indicators show that reusing the sites for industrial purposes is not feasible or attractive. While limited interest has been shown in the Tyco site to date, real estate agents for the site indicate that industrial reuse of that site is also unlikely. The private sector owners of these sites have indicated a willingness to consider the creation of walkable, mixed-use infill redevelopment concepts that includes residential, commercial, and possibly light industrial uses.

In order to promote redevelopment activities that are context sensitive, mesh well and do not conflict with the fabric of the surrounding neighborhoods the Borough is undertaking the preparation of an Urban Redevelopment Plan for the area. The plan will integrate land use, transportation, and economic development planning to create a comprehensive urban redevelopment strategy for the northern part of the Borough. The Borough received state and federal grant funds along with local matching funds to undertake the planning process.

Please check back to this website regularly for updates to the schedule of events and as draft plan elements are completed.