Carlisle Connectivity Project

The Carlisle Connectivity Project is a series of transportation upgrades designed to improve mobility around and through the brownfield sites in the northern part of Carlisle.

The Connectivity Project is comprised of three different projects with different timelines.

An Overview of the Carlisle Connectivity Project

The first project involves transportation improvements associated with the IAC site redevelopment and is broken down into two phases. The first phase, known as the Western Phase, includes the extension of A, B, C, and D Streets from Fairground Avenue to Carlisle Springs Road. This phase is currently underway and is expected to run through November 2018. Since this phase does not include work on active roadways, no traffic disruptions should occur.

The second phase is called the Highway Occupancy Permit Phase, in reference to the permit needed for the work. The HOP phase involves improvements to Carlisle Springs Road, a state highway. Pending permit approval, this work could start in June of 2018 and continue through May 2019. The plan is for the bulk of construction for the HOP to be completed in 2018, with final paving and cleanup in 2019. Work for the HOP phase will require temporary adjustments to traffic patterns on Carlisle Springs Road between E Street and North Hanover Street, pending PennDOT approval. The construction contractor will be responsible for installing signage and using flaggers to direct traffic safely around the construction. The Borough will be replacing its water main on Carlisle Springs Road during the HOP phase construction. Conducting these activities concurrently should reduce the impact of the needed construction on the public and allow the Borough to reduce overall construction cost. The total construction budget for both phases of the IAC Site Redevelopment Project is $4.4 million.

Western & HOP phases centered around IAC redevelopment

The second part of the Connectivity Project is referred to as Borough Project 1. This section involves improvements to North Hanover Street and Carlisle Springs Road. The intersection of Carlisle Springs Road and North Hanover Street will be realigned to bring the approach to a 90 degree angle. There will also be a traffic signal installed at the intersection. Further south, a 5-point roundabout at the instersection of North Hanover Street, West and East Penn Streets, and Fairground Avenue will be installed.. This complex project is still in the pre-construction phase with construction likely to begin in fall of 2019 and completed by spring 2021. The project timeline may depends on how quickly the needed rights-of-way are obtained.  The work at North Hanover Street and Carlisle Springs Road will be done as a staged construction without the need for detours. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained throughout by shifting traffic off to the side. Parts of Fairground Avenue and West and East Penn Streets will need to be temporarily closed during the the roundabout construction. The total budget for Borough Project 1 is $8.6 million.

Borough Project 1

The third project is the TIGER project. This project earned its name because of the type of federal grant that is helping fund it: Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery. This project consists of traffic calming measures and stormwater and sidewalk improvements along Fairground Avenue and B Street.  A three-point roundabout is planned for B Street and Fairground Avenue while a four-point roundabout is proposed at B Street and N. College Street. This project is also still in the pre-construction phase, with construction slated to begin in the late summer of 2019. Traffic will be detoured for this project in phases, one block at a time. Accommodations will be made for residents in the area to access their homes. The total cost of this project is $10.9 million, with $5 million of that coming from the TIGER grant.

TIGER Project

Please note: all the timelines given are TENTATIVE and subject to change. We will be sure to provide residents and stakeholders with updates as we receive them.

During the April 4, 2018 Carlisle Borough Council Workshop Meeting, Herbert, Rowland & Grubic, Inc. gave council and attendees an update on the Carlisle Connectivity Project.

You can view the entire presentation on YouTube.

We also have the presentation slides available for viewing.