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TIGER Transportation Improvement Project Getting Underway

Residents of Fairground Avenue and B Street to Receive Pre-Construction Notice from Borough’s Contractor

The TIGER Project, part of the Borough’s Carlisle Connectivity Project, is scheduled to begin construction in the coming weeks. The project will primarily affect the residents along Fairground Avenue and B Street.

TIGER Project

The project includes improvements to Fairground Avenue north of the railroad tracks and improvements to B Street from Fairground Avenue west to N. College Street. Once constructed, the project will feature a 3-point roundabout at B Street and Fairground Avenue, as well as a 4-point roundabout at B Street and North College Street. Other improvements include a paved, mixed-use trail adjacent to the east side of Fairground Avenue; sidewalk, drainage, and sign upgrades; and various streetscape enhancements including new sidewalks, decorative lighting, tree plantings and stormwater management features.

Rogele, Inc., (the Borough’s contractor for the project) will be mailing notices to all properties along Fairground Avenue and B Street immediately adjacent to the project about the upcoming construction work. Residents are advised to keep a lookout for this notice in their mail and respond as soon as possible. In addition, the Borough will be holding public outreach meetings. Notices of these meetings will be sent through the mail to those residents and property owners within the immediate construction area. The Borough also anticipates holding informational sessions with the general public and merchant communities about the project.  The dates and times of these meetings will be provided through the Borough’s social media channels, website, and future press releases.

The Carlisle Connectivity Project (CCP) is a series of transportation upgrades designed to improve mobility around and through the redevelopment sites in northern Carlisle.

The TIGER Project is one component of the CCP and is tentatively planned to be completed around October 2021 timeframe.

Stuart Community Center Extended Hours

The Stuart Community Center, 415 Franklin Street, will be open from 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM on Wednesday, January 22 for residents wishing to purchase new orange Borough bags and/or exchange unused green bags. Orange Borough bags are $5.85/bag. Unused green bags can be exchanged for the orange bags by paying the $2.10 price difference.

While you can purchase the bags at outside vendors, you are only able to exchange unused green bags at Borough Hall or the Community Center.

Extended Hours

Borough Hall will be open from 7:30 AM until 7:00 PM on Thursday, January 9 for residents wishing to purchase new orange Borough bags and/or exchange unused green bags. Orange Borough bags are $5.85/bag. Unused green bags can be exchanged for the orange bags by paying the $2.10 price difference. Extended hours will also be held on January 14 & 22 at the Stuart Community Center (415 Franklin Street) and January 27 at Borough Hall.

Beginning January 13, only orange Borough bags will be accepted for trash collection. Bags can currently be purchased at Borough Hall or the Stuart Community Center. Bags will go on sale at outside vendors beginning January 10.

**You will only be able to exchange bags at Borough Hall or the Community Center.**

Free Holiday Parking December 20-27

Free Holiday Parking December 2-6

Happy holidays! We’re pleased to tell you that parking will be free at ALL meters, silver & gold, from December 20 through December 27! Bags and signs are on all the meters to let everyone know they can park for free.

***You will still need to follow the No Parking signage in the areas during the designated timeframes. The Pomfret Street Garage is NOT part of this promotion, so you will need to pay if parking there. There will also still be enforcement of leased spaces.***

Carlisle Borough Holiday Schedule

Borough Hall will be closed on December 24, 25, and January 1. On those days, there will be no parking enforcement (meters & signs) or street cleaning.

There will be trash & recycling pick-up on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but no collection on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. The schedule will be delayed by one day for the rest of those weeks.

Happy Holidays!

Carlisle Kiwanis Club Funds Fort LeTort Assessment

In honor of their 100th anniversary, the Carlisle Kiwanis Club looks to improve the Fort LeTort playground area at LeTort Park.

 The Carlisle Kiwanis Club is approaching its 100th anniversary and wishes to mark the occasion by performing a community project at LeTort Park. The service organization, chartered in 1920, places a special emphasis on bettering the lives of children and youth in the community.

The Carlisle Kiwanis Club chose LeTort Park and the Fort LeTort play area for their community project because they actually helped the Borough purchase land for the park in 1953. Built in 1993, the wooden play structure is starting to show its age. The club wants to ensure the playground is up to today’s safety and accessibility standards.

Carlisle Kiwanis Club President Robert Sigrist said, “Fort LeTort is a well-used and well-loved jewel in Carlisle.  The Carlisle Kiwanis Club wants to preserve this Carlisle treasure for future generations.”

The project, in coordination with Carlisle Parks and Recreation, will begin with an assessment of the structure funded by the Kiwanis Club. A Certified Playground Safety Inspector from Leathers & Associates will perform a physical inspection of the playground and evaluate the safety conditions, accessibility levels, and overall condition of the structure.  The assessment and following report will provide a framework to determine the best option for the refurbishment of Fort LeTort.  The goal of the project is to provide a safe play structure, reduce long-term maintenance costs and to continue to maintain Fort LeTort for years to come.

Sharon Wilson, who spearhead the effort to build Fort LeTort in 1993 is serving as a consultant for the revitalization process.  According to Parks and Recreation Director Andrea Crouse, “Sharon’s help and past knowledge of the project is invaluable.  On behalf of Carlisle Parks and Recreation, we thank Sharon and Bob and Nancy Sigrist for the time they have  dedicated to this project to date.”

In addition to funding the assessment, the Carlisle Kiwanis Club wishes to raise money to perform the necessary improvements to Fort LeTort. They plan to spearhead fundraising opportunities with fellow community organizations.

Short-Term Parking Enforcement Suspended Through 12/20

From Wednesday, November 6 through Friday, December 20, metered parking in the short-term areas (silver meters) will NOT be enforced while the new smart meters are installed. So, if you park at a silver meter, you do not need to pay during that time.

If you park at a gold meter, you must still feed the meter. This only applies to silver meters. You also must still obey the “No Parking” signage in the area on the designated days and times.

We will share more information about the smart meters and how they work soon. Stay tuned!

Carlisle Borough Staff Performs Pedestrian Curb Ramp Upgrades

Borough takes on in-house construction of a portion of curb ramp upgrades – $75,000 savings realized in 2019

 In an effort to stretch the Borough’s annual allocation of State Highway Aid that is provided through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Municipal Liquid Fuels Program*, the Borough has assumed in-house construction of a portion of required curb ramp upgrades.

The Borough depends heavily upon the Liquid Fuels Program to perform maintenance and repairs to Borough-owned streets, pedestrian facilities, and traffic signals. Carlisle has over 57 miles of Borough-owned streets; approximately 1,400 pedestrian curb ramps; and, 44 traffic signals.

From 2015 through 2017, the Borough used an average of about $220,000 per year from its state liquid fuel fund allocation to reconstruct pedestrian curb ramps to meet current accessibility standards under the Americans with Disabilities Act. During this period, the Borough relied on outside contractors to complete the necessary curb ramp upgrades. In 2018, the Borough assumed responsibility for construction of 30 percent of the required upgrades, with an outside contractor completing the other 70 percent.

Borough Manager Susan Armstrong noted, “Although the Borough receives approximately $540,000+ from the Liquid Fuels Program, the Borough’s road and pedestrian infrastructure needs far outweigh the grant dollars received. Thus, we are always seeking cost-effective ways to stretch each dollar.”

Borough engineer, Mark Malarich added, “We were successful in completing half of the needed pedestrian curb ramp upgrades in-house in 2019, which ultimately saved the Borough over $75,000 in liquid fuel grant funding. The savings realized was then used to pave additional miles of Borough-owned streets.”

The Borough plans to continue this practice in 2020.

* With the Liquid Fuels Tax Act, the Pennsylvania Legislature established a state sales tax on products such as gasoline. PennDOT then allocates a portion of the revenue from these taxes annually to counties and municipalities.