Carlisle Enters the Social Media World

Carlisle Borough Creates Official Facebook and Twitter Accounts to Help Inform and Connect With Residents

Carlisle Borough is pleased to announce the creation of two brand new social media initiatives. The borough has created an official Facebook account as well as an official Twitter account. These social media outlets give Carlisle Borough residents a new and exciting way to keep informed of events and happenings that directly affect them.

Once residents have “liked” the Facebook page (located at, they will receive regular updates on borough business and events. For example, the Facebook page will let them know when the next council meeting will be held, agenda topics, and even offer a brief recap of the meeting. Through the Facebook page, the borough will also alert residents to issues that impact their daily lives, such as road work and traffic detours. Citizens will also be kept updated on ongoing infrastructure and development projects. The page will also feature highlights from local events in the community, such as the Carlisle Police Department’s National Night Out.

By following the borough’s official Twitter account (, Carlisle Borough residents will receive bite-sized updates about happenings in the borough. The Twitter account will also be one of the primary sources of information during times of emergency in Carlisle. During emergencies, residents can expect to receive regular updates through Twitter in addition to traditional means such as the Borough’s emergency notification alert system, website, and press releases.