The following is a list of the major departments in the Borough including a description of their main functions.  If you need more information on a particular Borough department or service, these sections of the Web site should be helpful to you.

Community Development
Responsible for planning & zoning, land development, permits, codes enforcement, construction inspection, GIS Mapping, and solid waste & recycling. Key staff members include the Planning/Zoning/Codes Manager and Code Administration Officers.

Finance Department
Primarily responsible for water and sewer billing.  Key staff include the Finance Director and the Assistant Finance Director.

Fire Department
Responsible for control over all fire apparatus and equipment owned by the Borough at all times and full control over all fire scenes or emergency calls to which personnel of the C.F.D. have or are responding.  Supervises the operations of the separate volunteer fire companies in the Borough.

Parks and Recreation
Responsible for programming in the Borough’s parks. Key staff members include the Director of Parks & Recreation and the Recreation Manager.

Police Department
Responsible for the safety of the citizens of Carlisle.  Key staff members include the Police Chief and Police Lieutenant for Operations and Police Lieutenant for Administration.

Public Works Department
Responsible for essential public services such as roadway construction & maintenance, street lighting, yard waste & leaf collection, composting, and traffic control device maintenance. Key staff members include the Public Works Field Operations Manager and the Traffic Control Leader.

Special Projects Department
Responsible for pedestrian curb ramps, curb & sidewalk inspections, special vehicle maintenance, and inspection of Borough projects. Key staff members include the Special Projects Manager and Engineering Technician.

Water Resources Department
Responsible for the water infrastructure of the Borough to ensure clean, potable water; sanitary sewer services; and stormwater management services for Borough residents. Key staff members include the Director of Water Resources, Water Resources Field Operations Manager, the Water Treatment Plant Supervisor, the Sewer Treatment Plant Supervisor, the Biosolids Supervisor and the Laboratory Supervisor.