Planning / Zoning / Codes Office

The Planning/Zoning/Codes Office of the Public Works Department is responsible for administering the Zoning, Subdivision/Land Development, and Solid Waste/Recycling Ordinances, as well as the Building, Electrical, Plumbing, and Property Maintenance Codes. Ordinances are enforced according to professional standards in accordance with the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, the Pennsylvania Borough Code, and other appropriate statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

To ensure compliance, the Building Division requires submission of applications and/or plans and issues appropriate permits to applicants. Where appropriate, applications are reviewed by the Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, Historical Architectural Review Board or the Board of Appeals. The Building Department serves as the liaison between these bodies, Borough Council, the Borough Manager’s Office and other appropriate Borough Departments. The activities of the Building Division contribute directly to protecting and promoting the safety and health of the citizens and providing for the general welfare by ensuring coordinated and reasonable development within the Borough.

Main Contacts:

Michael Skelly
Planning/Zoning/Codes Manager
Zoning Officer/Building Code Official/Chief Code Enforcement Officer
(717) 240-6933

Michael Heyser
Code Administration Officer
Assistant Zoning Officer
(717) 240-6640

Craig Doll
Code Administration Officer
(717) 240-6938

Dave Shatto
Construction Code Inspector
(717) 240-6936

Lucretia Hefflefinger
(717) 240-6930