The Creature in the Sewer

It was a dark and stormy night, as it always is in these tales of horror. A family, having just finished dinner, began cleaning up. Their teenage son got to work on washing the dishes. Upon seeing the large amount of grease in the frying pan, the boy decided to dump it all straight into the drain. His mother’s face went white as a ghost when she saw him slowly pouring all of that grease into the drain. “No!” she screamed, but it was far too late.

A few blocks down the street, a woman was removing her make-up with wipes. She mindlessly threw each one in the toilet when she was done, just as she did every night. The package did say they were flushable, after all. However, tonight, when she flushed the toilet, she got a sudden chill. Something was wrong.

Indeed, something was wrong. Very wrong. Underground and out of sight in the sewer pipes, the creature was growing and growing. Some grease from this house, wipes from nearby neighbors, oil and grease from that popular pizza restaurant- all of these things were only making the creature stronger. With that last meal of the flushed wipes, the creature now weighed 19 tons and stretched the length of almost two school buses. And it could no longer be contained by those metal pipes.

The first call came into the sewer plant at noon the next day and calls continued all through the afternoon. Something was backing up sewers all around town. “Let’s get those cameras down there and take a look at what we’re dealing with,” shouted the boss. When they did, the worst fears of the public works department came true. It wasn’t just any creature down there. It was a gross creature that would take great time and money to remove. But the worst part? This creature was entirely preventable. If people paid attention to what they put down the drain, it would not have grown into this hideous creature known as…

The Fatberg. ????