Don’t Flush Your Money Down the Drain

Our wastewater treatment plant often receives frantic phone calls from people who have accidentally flushed something of value down the drain. One day they received such a frantic from a parent of a toddler. This curious lad discovered what fun it could be to flush things down the toilet. He started with toilet paper, which is perfectly acceptable! However, when he ran out of that, he went on the hunt for more paper and he found it- in the form of an envelope containing cash. Luckily, the parent caught him before ALL that money got flushed, but it was too late for the few bills he already got his hands on. They were well on their way through the sewer. The bills weren’t enough to clog anything along the way, so most likely they were destroyed by the screening process (we’ll talk about that next time).

This is a valuable lesson for everyone- never throw money down the drain. (And maybe keep it out of reach of toddlers too!)