Municipal Authority

The Carlisle Borough Municipal Authority was formed by Borough Council in 1948 to take responsibility for acquiring, constructing, expanding, maintaining, operating, and financing waterworks and water distribution systems for the Borough of Carlisle. The Municipal Authority usually acquires funds to finance such acquisitions by borrowing money through a bond issue. The Municipal Authority owns the water distribution plant and the land on which it sits and leases them back to the Borough for an annual fee sufficient to cover the cost of the bonds. Revenue for these payments is usually raised by metered sales of water and other miscellaneous fund revenues. The Borough then operates the facilities, provides the staff, and assumes responsibility for maintenance, upkeep, and routine operation of the facility. The Authority finances and plans major capital expansion and improvements of the water distribution system and plant.

The Municipal Authority is composed of five Carlisle citizens appointed by Borough Council to serve five year terms with no more than two terms expiring the same year. Members of the Authority meet to plan policy; discuss improvements, expansion, and changes in the water distribution system; and to make recommendations to Borough Council concerning policy and operation of the water system. In addition, the Municipal Authority, under direction of Borough Council, has the ability to finance projects by issuing tax-exempt bonds for any entity or organization located in the Borough that is tax-exempt under IRS regulations.

All meetings are posted on the home page of the Borough’s website.  To view when the Municipal Authority meets, use the calendar on the home page or the Borough of Carlisle meeting schedule.

Carlisle Borough Municipal Authority(Five-Year Term Expiring in December)
Name Term Expires
Gary McCormick P  2019
Larry Seagrist 1 2020
Ryan Ferguson 1 2022
Justin Doty 1 2023
Charles Stroup 1 2023