Zoning Hearing Board

Zoning is a method of land use control which establishes permitted uses for different areas and the parameters for those uses. Some of the purposes of zoning are to lessen street congestion, secure safety from fire hazards, prevent over-crowding of land, facilitate adequate provision for community services, and promote health, safety, peacefulness, and general welfare in the community. The zoning ordinance specifies types of activities permitted in various areas of the municipality such as residential, commercial, and industrial.

The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial board appointed by Borough Council for the purpose of hearing and determining appeals on the validity of zoning regulations or any decision made by the zoning officer, deciding on exceptions to the regulations, and authorizing variances or special exceptions from the terms of the zoning ordinance.

The Board consists of five members who are residents of the Borough. These members are appointed by Council for five-year staggered terms. Legal notice of the proposed meetings must be given in the local newspaper. Copies must also be sent to the applicant as well as neighbors of the applicant, and a notice must be posted at the proposed site. Parties have the right to representation by an attorney, and all concerned citizens are invited to be heard at the meeting.

All meetings are posted on the home page of the Borough’s website.  To view when the Zoning Hearing Board meets, use the calendar on the home page or go the to the Borough of Carlisle meeting schedule.

Zoning Hearing Board

(Five-Year Term Expiring December)





Robert Broyles



Fred Hait



Vince Champion



Stephanie Chertok



Christopher Fowler  1  2020
  Alternate John Martin  1  2019