Board of Appeals

In 1983 the Borough of Carlisle created the Board of Appeals in an effort to consolidate its code appeal process into one single board consisting of three Council-appointed members qualified by experience or training to pass judgment on matters concerning the building, housing, plumbing, electrical, and fire prevention codes; the shade tree ordinance; and the curb and sidewalk ordinance. Members of the Board serve five-year staggered terms. The Board of Appeals meets for the purpose of hearing, reviewing, and determining the practicality of requests to allow variances in areas pertaining to codes of the above-mentioned categories. This consolidation of previously separate boards streamlines the appeal process and establishes clearer guidelines for applicants to follow when the need to appeal particular decisions arises.

The Board meets upon the chairperson’s written notice to Board members and all parties involved within ten days of the filed complaint. All hearings are public, and all interested parties have the opportunity to be heard. All meetings are listed on the Borough's calendar.

Board of Appeals
(Five-Year Term Expiring in January)
Name Term Expires
Robert Unger (Chair) 4 2025
Doug Heineman 2 2026
Ed Hazel 1 2028
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