Climate Action Committee

The Climate Action Commission (CAC) is a standing (temporary) commission composed of members approved by Borough Council to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in Carlisle Borough Resolution No. 07-09-2020-01. The CAC is tasked to propose a climate action plan within twelve months for council approval.

The CAC consists of an Executive Committee and four working groups, each led by a Team Lead who also serves on the Executive Committee (EC). The EC represents the voting membership of the CAC. In coordination with the EC and borough staff, Team Leads will recruit team members for EC approval. Team Leads serve without compensation.

Climate Action Commission Virtual Public Forum

View the presentation slides here.

Climate Action Commission
(One-Year Term)





Joel Hicks 



Mitch Shiles
Community Engagement Team Lead



Tony Underwood
Pathways & Analytics Team Lead

1 2022
Mohamed Badissy
Projects & Estimates Team Lead

1 2022
Karla Farrell 
Zoning Team Lead

1 2022
Tamela Trussell
1 2022
Dave Sheridan
Transportation Task Force Lead
1 2022


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