Climate Action Committee

The Climate Action Commission was a group of members approved by Borough Council to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in Carlisle Borough Resolution No. 07-09-2020-01. The CAC worked together to create the Borough's first-ever Climate Action Plan, which Council approved in January of 2022.

Because of the scope of the goals in the Climate Action Plan, the Commission transitioned into a more permanent Committee in March of 2022. The Committee is comprised of 5 individuals and an alternate. The Mayor is also a de-facto member, and the Sustainable Community and Economic Development Director represents the Borough at meetings. While the committee still meets monthly, their meetings are only public when they must make a recommendation to Borough Council.

Committee Members
Joel Hicks
David Sheridan
Mitch Shiles
Tamela Trussell
Tony Underwood
Molly Wilkinson (Alternate)


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