LeTort Regional Authority

The LeTort Regional Authority is a municipal authority incorporated under the Municipal Authority Act of 1945. The Authority was originally conceived as a recreation and flood control agency concerned with the LeTort Spring Run watershed. The LeTort Spring Run is a famous high-quality, spring-fed trout stream.

The primary concern of the Authority is maintaining quality of the stream. The Authority was originally composed of two representatives each from Cumberland County, the Borough of Carlisle, and North Middleton Township. Since then the remainder of municipalities within the LeTort Spring watershed — South Middleton and Middlesex Townships — have joined the Authority. Carlisle Barracks is also permitted to send one non-voting representative to meetings.

Representatives of the Authority serve five-year terms with a part-time executive director appointed to carry out administrative tasks. Funding is received from member municipalities. All meetings are open to the public.

LeTort Regional Authority
(Five-Year Term Expiring in December)
(Borough appoints two representatives)





Michael Jean

2 2028

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