Pension Advisory Commission

The Pension Advisory Commission is designed to be an advisory body to Borough Council on matters relating to the Borough’s police and municipal employees’ pension plans. The primary responsibility of the Commission is to investigate and study proposed benefit changes, investment practices, selection of outside professional services, and to make recommendations to Borough Council on such matters. The Commission is responsible for informing all employees who are members of pension plans of the advantages and disadvantages offered by each plan and the financial status of each plan.

The Commission is composed of five members appointed by Borough Council to serve five-year terms without pay. One term expires annually, and all vacancies are filled by Council for the remainder of the unexpired term. At least one of the five members appointed by council shall be an active full-time paid policeman of the Borough who is a participant in the Police Pension Plan.  At least one of the five members appointed by Council must be an active, full-time paid employee of the Borough and be an active member of the Borough’s Municipal Employees’ Pension Plan. At the first meeting of the year, members of the Commission elect their own chairperson to serve for one year. The Borough Finance Director serves as ex-officio Secretary to the Commission, and the Commission generally meets twice per year in February and August to consider any new business.

All meetings are posted on the Borough calendar.

Pension Advisory Commission

(Five-Year Term Expiring in March) 





Thomas Paup



Joe Wasiak (Chair)



Adam Williams



Tiffany Strine



Jackie Powell

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