Sewer System Authority

The Carlisle Borough Sewer Authority was created by Borough Council in 1956 for the purpose of financing, acquiring, constructing, improving, maintaining, and operating sewers, sewer systems, and sewage treatment works, including treatment and disposal of industrial wastes. The Sewer Authority originally financed the sewer system by issuing bonds to be paid back with revenue raised through user fees keyed to a percentage of water consumption. Technically, the Sewer Authority owns the land and plants such as the Carlisle Regional Water Pollution Control Plant and leases them back to the Borough for an annual fee. Under the lease agreement, the Borough now administers and runs the system through the Treatment Plants Department of Carlisle Borough government. The Borough operates the facilities and is responsible for normal operating and maintenance costs. Should any major improvements be needed, the Sewer Authority would issue additional bonds to finance them.

The Sewer Authority consists of five citizens of Carlisle appointed by Borough Council for staggered five year terms. The Authority acts primarily as a policy and general operations guidance agency. It meets quarterly to discuss general operation of the plant, permit requirements, possible sludge requirement problems, and long-term plans such as sewer capacity, the plant’s relationship with neighboring municipalities, and ways of improving operations of the plant.

All meetings are posted on the Borough calendar.

Carlisle Borough Sewer System Authority
(Five-Year Term Expiring in December) 





Curtis Stevens



Paul Siekert



Meghan Anderson



Gary McCormick



Ed Hazel

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