Reporting Street Light Outages

Working street lights improve safety for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and residents. If you see a street light out in the Borough, there are several things you can do.

Cobrahead Steet Light

If it is a “cobrahead” light (the lights affixed to wooden poles), you can contact PPL Electric Utilities directly at 1-800-342-5775. They will need the numbers that are on the silver plate on the pole. If you are having trouble locating the numbers on the pole, you can also call the Borough at 717-240-1238 and we can report the light for you.

The cobrahead lights have a series of numbers on them to identify them to PPL.

PPL is responsible for the servicing of the cobrahead lights. Typically, PPL tries to respond to these maintenance requests in two weeks’ time. However, they can be delayed due to weather or other emergencies. If the light is still out after three or so weeks, give us a call at 717-249-4422 and we can send a reminder to PPL.

If it is a decorative street light or one of the disc lights that are found at traffic lights, you will want to call the Public Works field office at 717-240-1238 to report an outage. The Borough is responsible for their maintenance.

The candlestick decorative lights line the downtown streets.

You can also use our website to report any street light outage. Just fill out the contact form: and we will get the information to the right place.

The disc lights can be found on traffic signals.