Hanover & South Street Paving

Beginning Wednesday, August 5, crews from Acer Paving will begin the milling & overlay of South Hanover Street, East South Street, and East Chapel Avenue. They will have traffic control measures in place.  Work will begin on the 100 block of South Hanover Street. "No Parking" signs have been placed. Vehicles should be moved by 5:00 AM Wednesday.

The areas being paved include:

  • Intersection of South and Hanover Streets
  • East South Street from Hanover to South East Street (westbound side)
  • South Hanover Street from South Street to Pomfret Street (northbound parking lane)
  • East Chapel Avenue from Hanover Street to South East Street
Work should wrap up by August 12.

Please visit our Road Work page for information about current projects in the Borough of Carlisle.
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