Borough Council Commits to Advocate For Entrepreneurs

At Borough Council’s October meeting, Council retroactively approved a formal commitment to the National League of Cities City Innovation Ecosystem (CIE) Program made at the conclusion of the 9th annual Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship, a virtual conference held September 17-18 by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, MO. The CIE program asks city leaders to commit to creating the right policies, programs, and practices to ensure their communities can thrive in the global, innovation-driven economy. It helps participating cities reach their goals by providing technical assistance, seed funding, and peer learning.

Each city’s commitment is to one program, policy, or practice categorized under the four pillars of America’s New Business Plan ( By choosing “opportunity,” Carlisle Borough commits to using its influence to lift up and support people who take the risk of starting a business.

As part of the program, Carlisle Borough will receive year-long technical assistance from the non-profit CivStart, who will work closely with the Borough to launch the project. Carlisle Borough and CivStart will focus on several specific areas, including messaging & citizen engagement, downtown recovery, and public transportation.

“Today and moving forward into the future, Carlisle Borough dedicates itself to providing the tools necessary to strengthen communities for entrepreneurs. In addition to advocating for funding, my Council colleagues and I can help entrepreneurs gain access to education and the sharing of ideas and best practices to achieve success,” said Mayor Scott.

“This year’s Mayors Conference on Entrepreneurship was about marshalling resources to help mayors lay the groundwork to rebuild more robust and resilient local economies,” said Evan Absher, senior program officer at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. “We are working with the National League of Cities to provide the assistance and resources necessary for the entrepreneurial economic development and more inclusive prosperity.”

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