Water Bill Questions & Concerns

We've been receiving concerns lately from residents who have noticed an increase in their water bills over the past several months. These increases could be the result of one or more of the following factors:

  • Rate Increase: As part of the 2020 Budget, water and sewer rates increased beginning May 1, 2020. The water rate increased by 3.54% and the sewer rate increased by 3.35%.
  • Estimated Bills: Due to COVID-19, water bills were estimated from mid-March through May 29. Now that bills are back to being based on actual meter readings, there is a period of "catch-up" time that may result in increased bills. Depending on your billing cycle, you may have received two estimated bills during this period.
  • COVID-19: The pandemic affected the water consumption of residents. With lockdowns and social distancing, people found themselves at home more often, which can lead to increased water consumption. Hand-washing is an important tool in fighting the virus, and people washed their hands more frequently and for longer durations, which causes an increase in consumption.
  • Dry, hot summer: Due to a lack of rain this summer, people found themselves watering their lawns and gardens more often, which results in increased water consumption.
  • Leaks: Finally, if your bill has jumped up a significant amount, you may have a leak somewhere in your house. Even small leaks can cause big problems. An easy way to look for leaks uses your water meter. This test works best overnight. Turn off all taps and stop using any water-using fixtures in your house before you go to bed. Then, record the reading of your meter. Do not turn on any taps or flush any toilets overnight. In the morning, look and meter and see if the number has gone up. If it has, your house has a leak somewhere.

If you have questions or concerns about your bill, please call 717-249-4422 and talk to our Utility Billing Department. They can walk you through any issue you may be having. If you are having trouble paying your bill, they can help set you up with a payment plan.

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