Carlisle Named One of the Safest College Towns!

Carlisle Borough, home to Dickinson College, is proud to have made the list of Safest College Towns in America! Safewise, an online safety resource, ranks Carlisle in the top 50 at #20. Only one other Pennsylvania college town made the list! 

Safewise looks at the most recent FBI crime statistics on property and violent crimes to rate communities.  Towns on the list have a property crime rate over 2.5 times lower than the national average and a violent crime rate over four times lower than the national average. 

To be in the running, cities needed to exceed a population of 15,000 residents and be home to an accredited college that offered four-year degrees. Safewise excluded for-profit institutions, technical and vocational schools, schools that offer only two-year degrees, and those with fewer than 2,000 students enrolled annually. You can view the complete list here: 
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