Lincoln Cemetery Resolution

At last night’s Workshop Meeting, Carlisle Borough Council passed a resolution acknowledging and apologizing for any and all past participation in the sanctioning of segregation and systemic racism toward African-Americans and other people of color, particular in relation to the events that led to the removal of all grave markers and headstones, except for one, in the Lincoln Cemetery in 1972 and acknowledging the suffering and pain caused by centuries of discrimination and racial inequity in Borough government and the auspices over which she has jurisdiction. 

Lincoln Cemetery Headstones

Lincoln Cemetery served as the final resting place for at least 650 Black Carlislians, including more than 50 U.S. Colored Troop members and Civil War veterans. Due to poor upkeep, the cemetery was converted to what is now known as Memorial Park.

Beginning in 2019, descendants of those buried in Lincoln Cemetery joined with Borough Council, staff, members of the US Army War College Class of 2019, and the Cumberland County Historical Society to begin the process of returning the land into the sacred ground it once was.

This resolution further affirms the Borough's commitment to moving forward as a more compassionate, caring, and inclusive community, as well as educating ourselves about the past and its impacts on the present.

Lincoln Cemetery Resolution

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