Truth & Reconciliation Commission

At their March meeting, Borough Council unanimously voted to approve a resolution establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

The TRC was born out of a community town hall on racial equity held earlier this year. Over one hundred individuals attended this town hall to share stories, ask questions, highlight issues of racial inequity, and make recommendations.

The TRC will consist of seven members appointed by Council, including individuals representing communities that have been and are marginalized and oppressed by systemic racism. A member of both Borough Council and staff will serve as liaisons to the commission.

The TRC's work will include examining and documenting policies, practices, and actions by the Borough and Borough Council that have contributed to racial inequity and systemic racism in the community. The commission will also provide opportunities for those impacted by systemic racism to share their experiences and will facilitate conversations among and between community members of various backgrounds.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Resolution

The Borough of Carlisle is currently looking for volunteers to serve on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Visit our Volunteer Openings page to learn more.
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