Language Translation Added to Website

The Borough of Carlisle recently worked with its website provider, Revize Software Systems, to integrate Google Translation into the Borough’s official website, This tool will translate the site’s text into various languages, providing access to important information for our non-English speaking residents.

The Google Translation feature will work on all of the interior pages of the Borough’s website, as well as the homepage. Information such as trash and recycling guidelines, parking enforcement, and road construction can be translated into 81 different languages. Because the Borough’s website is often used to convey important and time-sensitive information to residents, it is crucial that all residents, including those whose native language is not English, have access to such information.

When visiting, visitors will see a globe icon with the letters “EN” and an arrow next to it in the top right corner. Clicking on the arrow presents the user with a drop-down menu and 81 unique language choices. Once the user clicks on their preferred language, the text on the site will be translated into that language. On mobile devices, the globe icon can be found below the Borough’s logo at the top of the page. If visitors to the site are unable to see the globe icon, we recommend that they clear their internet browser’s cache.
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At this time, the Google Translation feature does not translate PDFs or other external documents uploaded to the website. Staff is currently researching alternate translation methods for these types of documents.

Borough staff is always looking for new ways to improve upon the information presented on the Borough’s website. Another recently added feature is a row of icons at the top of the website highlighting all of the Borough’s social media channels, from Facebook to LinkedIn.

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