Climate Action Commission's Community Engagement Team Awarded Grant

The Community Engagement Team (CET), part of the Borough of Carlisle’s Climate Action Commission (CAC), was recently awarded a $7,500 grant from the Civic Engagement Fund at Dickinson College. The team plans to use the funds to further its community outreach goals.

The Civic Engagement Fund supports projects that promote civic learning and college-community engagement that benefits the public good. The fund is comprised of four different opportunities: Collaborative Action, Engaged Pedagogy, Engaged Scholarship, and Small Change, Better World Grants. The CET’s award comes from the Collaborative Action funds, which support initiatives that address community needs and benefit the community. To receive the grant, the applicants must show how the project is feasible, innovative, and collaborative.

“The Community Engagement Team is honored and excited that our proposal was accepted by the Center for Civic Learning and Action at Dickinson College,” said CET lead Sara Markowitz. “We’re grateful to CCLA and Dickinson for their support and we look forward to working together to find creative, innovative solutions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change at the local level.”

The CET plans to utilize the funds in a variety of ways. The team’s first project is a community survey on climate change and money will be used for postage, as well as providing an LED lightbulb for survey respondents. The team is also proposing a sustainable business award to involve businesses in the search for innovative solutions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Neighborhood and park greening projects, a neighborhood sustainability initiative, and a summer paid internship program are some of the other proposals for the funds.

The CAC was formed in October of 2020 with the objective of creating a Climate Action Plan that assists the Borough in meeting its goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The CAC consists of four teams made up of Borough residents and individuals from the business and academic communities, as well as Borough staff. The CAC is chaired by Councilor Joel Hicks, and its Executive Committee includes Deputy Mayor Sean Shultz, a member of borough staff, a resident-at-large, and the four CAC Team Leads.

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