Carlisle is an All-America City!

Carlisle has been named an All-America City! The National Civic League announced the ten winners last night and we are honored to be among those awarded this title.
The theme for this year's competition was "Building Equitable and Resilient Communities." Our application and presentation focused on our efforts to address racial equity and justice, the swift work of the Carlisle Community Action Network in responding to the pandemic, and the ongoing work of our Climate Action Commission.
Thank you to all those involved in our application and presentation, including President Margee Ensign and Gary Kirk of Dickinson College; Jessica Poe, representing the United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County; TaWanda Hunter Stallworth, Chair of the Borough's Truth and Reconciliation Commission; Cara Holtry Curtis of the Cumberland County Historical Society; the Climate Action Commission team leads Mohamed Badissy, Karla Farrell,  Sara Markowitz and Tony Underwood; Jane Meek of Carlisle (England) City Council; Mayor Timothy Scott; Council members Joel Hicks and Brenda Landis; Borough Manager Susan Armstrong; Assistant Borough Manager Owen Snyder, and the Borough's Public Information Coordinator Stephanie Taylor.
Congratulations to all of the other finalists and winners of this year's All-America City Awards!
The award, given to 10 communities each year since 1949 by the National Civic League, recognizes the work of communities in using inclusive civic engagement to address critical issues and create stronger connections among residents, businesses, and nonprofit and government leaders.
**The last Pennsylvania city to win this award was Lancaster in 2000.**
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