CDBG Annual Action Plan

The Borough published a Public Notice on June 4 and June 5, 2021 regarding the PY 2021 Annual Action Plan for the CDBG Program.    

In order to address a CDBG formula allocation error in fiscal year 2021 and to avoid a hardship on CDBG Entitlement Communities HUD waived the 30 day public comment period for the submission of Consolidated Plans and Annual Action Plans for program year 2021.  HUD is balancing the need to quickly assist communities while continuing to provide reasonable notice and opportunity for citizens to comment on the proposed use of CDBG funds.  Communities may reduce their public comment period to no less than three (3) days. 

The Borough held a second public hearing on June 30, 2021 to invite public comment on the Proposed CDBG funding plan.  Public comment will be accepted on the Proposed Plan until July 7, 2021. 

Program Year 2021 Carlisle Borough CDBG Annual Action Plan

For more information, including details on how to provide comments, visit the Redevelopment Authorities' website.
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