Open Container Ordinance

Last June, the Borough of Carlisle temporarily lifted the open container ordinance in the C-1 downtown district to help businesses operate successfully under Pennsylvania's COVID-19 regulations. It allowed open containers of alcohol on public sidewalks in the downtown district, provided the alcohol was purchased from a restaurant, brewery, or distillery in the district and was in a non-breakable container. 

Last week, Council passed an ordinance amendment lifting the open container ordinance in the C-1 district. Visitors to downtown Carlisle will be able to take their beer, wine, or spirits with them in a non-breakable container while strolling downtown. However, because Borough law cannot supersede state law, mixed drinks are not currently allowed under this ordinance. The state must first pass its "Cocktails-to-Go" legislation.
The ordinance amendment also allows restaurants, breweries, and distilleries to continue extending their sidewalk cafes, provided the adjoining buildings grant permission and LCB approval is received, among other requirements. This allows for more outdoor dining, which was also popular with downtown businesses and patrons during the pandemic.
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