Post Office Statement Regarding Mail Delays

The Carlisle Postmaster has provided the following statement regarding recent mail delivery delays.

"The Postal Service is constantly changing, but its mission remains the same – to deliver the mail promptly, efficiently, and accurately, and to do so in a friendly manner.
Due to several factors, employee availability has impacted our delivery operations. The Postal Service is mindful of the fact that customers need the timely delivery of mail, particularly mail conveying medications, merchandise packages, and First-Class Mail. Consequently, we are currently undertaking efforts to bring on additional resources to address this situation...

...We will continue to monitor daily performance and ensure that mail delivery is returned to normal as soon as possible. Our office is doing everything it can to resume normal delivery with limited staff. While an apology is no substitute for good service, I hope you will accept ours in the spirit in which it is offered. We appreciate your patience and understanding."

If residents wish to pick up their mail in-person at the Post Office, they should e-mail their name and address to The Postmaster recommends notifying the Post Office before you would like to pick up the mail. You will need to bring photo identification with you.

**Any further questions or concerns should be addressed to the Carlisle Post Office, as the Borough is not involved in mail delivery.**
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