2021 Carlisle Halloween Parade

The Carlisle Halloween Parade makes its spooky return to downtown Carlisle tomorrow night! There are several road closures and parking restrictions that will be in effect due to the parade.

Parade participants will stage along the 200 - 400 blocks of East North St, along Porter Ave, and along the 100 block of North Spring Garden St. Those roads will be closed for traffic beginning at 5:45 PM. They should reopen after the parade completes.
2021 Parade Map

The parade will travel west on East North St. to Hanover St. and then south on Hanover to Willow St. where the parade will disband. The main streets on the parade route, as well as side streets and alleys, will be closed beginning around 6:45 PM and will reopen after the parade is over. There will be "No Parking" signs posted as well.

The following streets will designated as "No Parking" areas after 5:00 PM on Wednesday. Parking restrictions will begin on North Street at 4:00 PM:

North Street from Hanover to end of East Louther Street (4 PM)
Hanover Street from North Street to Ridge Street
Porter Avenue from Louther Street to North Street
Spring Garden Street from Louther Street to North Street
North East Street from corner of North Street past church property to the first property
Biddle Mission Park driveway and parking lot

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