Delay in Trash Bag Production; Additional Collection Option Offered

Nationwide Supply Chain Issues Lead to Delay in
Borough Trash Bag Production

The Borough’s trash bag vendor has been experiencing the effects of nationwide supply chain issues. Delays in obtaining raw materials, including resin*, have impacted the company’s ability to produce and deliver the bag quantities necessary to meet the Borough supply demands for residential trash bags. Given the inventory challenges of orange Borough bags, the Borough has instituted an additional option for trash collection.

“Due to the anticipated supply shortage of orange bags, our residents will have the option to continue using orange Borough bags when available, or purchase trash collection stickers at a reduced price that they will place on trash bags of their choice (non-Borough bags) that among others may include compostable bag options. Residents may purchase any size or type of trash bag at a store of their choice however, the weight restriction of forty (40) pounds will still be imposed. A sticker will be needed for each non-Borough bag placed curbside”, stated Borough Manager Susan Armstrong.

Director of Finance Richard Juday explained, “The stickers will cost $5.54 each. Individuals are receiving a 31-cent discount for trash collection service by using a sticker considering the requirement that they provide their own trash bag. This price was determined by taking the cost of the Borough bag ($5.85) and subtracting the cost of production for each bag ($0.31).” Several key points regarding the trash collection program:

  • Residents can purchase stickers at participating stores that currently sell Borough bags, Borough Hall and the Stuart Community Center. Click here for a list of participating vendors.
  • Residents are encouraged to purchase non-Borough trash bags of sufficient durability as non-Borough bags that break open during collection will be the responsibility of the resident.
  • Stickers should be prominently placed and secured at the top of each non-Borough trash bag for easy visibility by the Borough’s waste hauler, Waste Connections.
  • Orange Borough bags may continue to be used by residents who have them in stock, or any time that they are available for purchase.
  • Recycling will be picked up in the designated bins and toters as usual.
  • Bulk item collection will also continue as normal.
  • The Borough’s Solid Waste Fund currently has an operating deficit. The $5.54 sticker price does not cover the full cost of trash and recycling collection. To limit further financial strain on households, Solid Waste Fund reserves are being used to maintain the current price in 2022 instead of the price increase to $6.57 per bag that would have been necessary to support the full cost of trash and recycling collection.

The Borough operates under a Pay as You Throw (PAYT) program. PAYT is structured like a utility such as electric or gas; residents only pay for the waste they generate. Under this system, residents have increased control over their trash costs. The system also encourages recycling and reduces waste generation, meaning less waste gets contributed to landfills. Visit for tips on reducing your household’s waste generation.

Residents are also encouraged to follow the Borough on social media and to visit our website at for the most current program information. The webpage will eventually include information on potential future programming changes as we move forward into the final year of the Borough’s three-year waste disposal contract with a goal of identifying effective and sustainable options for the future.

Questions regarding the sticker option can be forwarded to the Sustainable Community and Economic Planning Department at 717-240-6930.  

*Also known as polyethylene, resin is often used in production of trash bags due to its tear-resistance and strength properties. The Borough saw an increase in complaints from residents in 2021 about the quality of the Borough bags, which can be attributed to manufacturing changes that were necessary to combat the supply chain issues and meet the Borough’s minimum delivery requirement each month.


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