Council Set to Interview Candidates for Council Vacancy

Carlisle Borough Council Prepared to Interview and Potentially Select a
Candidate for Council Member Vacancy; Public Meeting is slated for Thursday, January 27 at 6:00 p.m. in Town Hall Chambers


Five candidates vying for Carlisle Borough Council are scheduled to be interviewed by the Borough’s six-member Council on Thursday, January 27 at 6:00 p.m. in Town Hall Chambers.

Upon accepting the tendered resignation of Sean Shultz this month so he could assume the office of mayor, Borough Council invited registered voters, who have resided within the Borough for at least one year, to apply for Shultz’s council seat. Five candidates answered the call by providing all relevant information by the Borough’s imposed deadline. Listed below in alphabetical order are the five candidates who shall be interviewed on Thursday evening:

Meghan Anderson, 1004 Northfield Drive, Carlisle
Ethel Carryer, 268 South West Street, Carlisle
M. Catherine Mellen, 201 South Pitt Street Apt. #15, Carlisle
David Sheridan, 225 West Baltimore Street, Carlisle
Curtis Thompson, 325 North West Street, Carlisle

In addition to submitting letters of interest and resumes, candidates were required to provide written responses to the following three topics:

  1. Why do you want to serve on Carlisle Borough Council?
  2. What prior experience can you bring to Borough Council that will benefit the Carlisle community?
  3. What objectives and projects do you envision Carlisle pursuing in the next five years?

Click on each of the candidate's name to view their letter of interest, resume, and responses to the three questions.

Mayor Shultz explained, “It is not often that Borough Council is tasked to fill a vacancy of a peer. Council plans to conduct a public interview process like those followed in 2005, 2012 and 2017 when Council was responsible for filling the unexpired term of Councilor Fishman, Mayor Wilson and Councilor Bires respectively. As with all of our meetings, there will be an opportunity for public comment.”

Deputy Mayor Landis added, “The Borough encourages the Carlisle community to attend the January 27 meeting either in-person or virtually. The five candidates will share their responses and perspectives to the topics covered in their written material as well as answer additional questions that any member of council may pose during the evening’s meeting.”

For additional information on the process, please contact Mayor Shultz or Deputy Mayor Landis by calling: 717-240-6920 or 717-240-6922.

Note:    A Pennsylvania Common Pleas Judge, Ninth District shall be on hand to administer the Oath of Office in the event that a candidate is voted into office by a majority of council (four or more votes) following the evening’s Q&A session.

If you wish to attend the meeting via Zoom, use this link to register:



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