Pothole Patrol

When temperatures dip below freezing, water that enters the ground expands, causing the pavement to swell, bend, and eventually crack. The water freezes and thaws several times over the winter, causing the pavement to deteriorate, which may lead to potholes.

As the weather warms, you will see more of our crews out in the field performing pothole repairs. In the last week of February, they repaired 35 potholes in various alleyways in the Borough! We tagged along with a crew on the north side of the Borough last week, and they walked us through the process of filling those pesky potholes!

To report a pothole on Borough streets, call 717-240-6980 or click on "Report an Issue" at the top of this page. If you see a pothole on a PennDOT street, call 1-800-FIX-ROAD or visit www.penndot.gov and click on "Submit a Roadway Concern." (PennDOT roads in the Borough include Allen Road, B Street, Carlisle Springs Road, College Street from B Street to Walnut Bottom Road, Hanover Street, High Street, East North Street, Ritner Highway, Walnut Bottom Road, and West Willow Street.)
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