Mallard Rescue

Every day is an adventure in public service. 

Our Water Resources team frequently gets called to water main breaks, sewer back-ups, and clogged storm drains. It is not often they get called for a mallard rescue!

On Tuesday, nine baby mallards got stuck in a storm drain on Allen Road, and poor Mama Mallard was beside herself. Some kind-hearted individuals discovered them and called the Borough for help. Once our crews arrived on the scene, they did not hesitate to open up the storm drain and carefully remove each baby mallard.crew lifting storm drain cover Mama Mallard and her little ones were then taken to the safer side of the road and went about their way.

Thank you to Ruth Smith Yeingst for reaching out to help the birds and sharing her story and photos with us. And, of course, thank you to our team (Field Operations Manager Corey Flythe, Field Operations Foreman Mike Boswell, and crew members Rich Pyne and Jimmy Reese) for giving the story a happy ending.

Baby mallards
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