New Lifesaving Program Comes to Cumberland County

Did you know that every year in Cumberland County over 150 of our friends, children, and neighbors are affected by Sudden Cardiac Arrest?  Every minute that a person is in cardiac arrest their likelihood of survival drops 7-10%.  Immediate bystander intervention with an AED is required to meaningfully save lives. 

To change these startling statistics Cumberland County is proud to support a new initiative called the 4-Minute City.  The Peyton Walker Foundation, located in Camp Hill, and the Emergency Health Services Federation are partnering with Avive Solutions’ new cutting-edge technology to place intelligent AEDs throughout the community with the goal of providing cardiac arrest victims access to lifesaving help within 4 minutes of 911 calls.  We are the third location in the country to implement this program.  This project will revolutionize Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) care in Cumberland County.  Most importantly, this program is working with the citizens of Cumberland County to create a culture of saving lives from cardiac arrest through free training and educational resources so everyone is prepared to save a life.  And last, we are working on deploying approximately 300 Avive AEDs in Cumberland County and are looking to our Cumberland County citizens to join the CARE Team (Cardiac Arrest Rapid Engagement) by hosting an AED free of charge!  CARE Team members will be trained on how to perform high-quality hands-only CPR and how to use an AED.   You can help save the life of someone in Cumberland County. 

Visit to learn more, complete the AED Host survey to become a Cumberland County CARE Team member, and take the digital training.

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