New Trash Collection Program Begins in 2023

At their July meeting, Carlisle Borough Council voted on the bids received for the 2023-2025 Solid Waste and Recycling Contract. Effective January 1, 2023, Borough bags will no longer be used for trash collection. Trash will be collected weekly in a customer-provided container (bag or rigid, reusable container*), with tags available for purchase for high-volume users.

The new system includes a quarterly flat fee for each dwelling unit. Each week, residents can leave out one container per week, with a weight limit of 40 pounds. Residents can purchase tags for additional bags each week. For 2023, the cost is $75/Quarter per dwelling unit and $6.92 per additional tag. This price does not include the cost of other services such as brush collection and the compost facility, which will be discussed as part of the 2023 budget process.

The flat fee for services will be added to a resident's quarterly utility bill, along with water, sewer, and stormwater.

Waste Connections will remain the Borough's solid waste and recycling provider. Recycling will still be picked up weekly in the current recycling bins or toters. Residents can still leave out one bulk item per week, provided they have a trash container out for collection.

We will continue to provide updates on the transition to the new system through press releases, our website, social media, and the next Gazette.

 *The contract documents define "container" as a reusable rigid container constructed of plastic, metal, or fiberglass, having handles of adequate strength for lifting, having a tight-fitting lid, containing no more than 40 pounds of refuse, and able to be easily handled by one person.* 

New Contract Details 1

New Contract Details 2

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