Trash Program- Can I Opt Out?

The question that has been asked the most about the upcoming changes to our solid waste and recycling program has been "Can I opt out?" The answer is no.

Chapter 212-4.A of the Code of the Borough of Carlisle requires that occupants living in single or two-family dwellings or apartments with three units or less must utilize the Borough's contractor for solid waste and recycling services. This type of policy is not uncommon and is in place in many of our surrounding municipalities.

There are a few reasons for this. Before the current trash system was put into place, residents had the option to contract directly with private haulers. The problem was that some people did not, which resulted in the hoarding of trash and illegal dumping. In July of 1990, when Pennsylvania mandated recycling in certain municipalities, the Borough did away with the private hauler option.

Another issue with allowing residents to contract their hauler would be the volume of large garbage trucks brought into the Borough on any given day. By having one designated hauler for single or two-family homes and apartment buildings with three units or less, we cut down on the number of large garbage trucks in our neighborhoods.

Switching from Pay As You Throw program to a quarterly fee on a utility bill will increase participation in the program. The Borough's average per capita refuse generation of 1.68 pounds per day is about half of the United States per capita values. This indicates low participation in our program. This tells us that some people are either dumping trash illegally or "piggybacking" off of another service. The major costs of waste collection are labor, equipment, and fuel. Those costs are flat, no matter how many people are participating in the program. If participation is low, the cost per household for the service ends up being higher.

**If you live in an apartment building with four or more units, your trash collection will not change. Property owners of these buildings are still required to provide their own collection program.**
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