Request for Proposals: Historic District Survey

August 18, 2022

The Borough of Carlisle issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) today for a consultant to perform an Inspection Level Survey that meets the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (PA-SHPO) standards for surveying and documenting architectural resources within the boundaries of the existing Carlisle Municipal Historic District. The survey project will be funded by a Certified Local Government (CLG) grant from the State of Pennsylvania in the amount of $12,500 and a local cash match of $2,500.

Businesses and residents of the Carlisle Historic District are located in the portion of the Borough which most strongly reflects its cultural, economic, social, political, and architectural history. The survey will provide updated resource information for the public and guide local decision-makers to successfully plan for the future of Carlisle’s Historic District. The final survey report will include the minimum required information on each resource as defined by the PA-SHPO including but not limited to: architectural style, period(s) of construction, primary building materials, current high-resolution digital photographs of the primary facades of each individual resource with spreadsheet index, a recommended designation as a contributing or non-contributing resource, GIS map(s), and shapefiles of parcels containing each individual resource and its associated data. All survey data will be provided to the Borough of Carlisle and uploaded to the PA-SHPO’s resources database, PA-SHARE. 

The full RFP document can be read here.

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