CodeRED Alert Test

On Wednesday, November 30 at 12:30 p.m., Carlisle Borough and its emergency notification service provider, CodeRED, will conduct the annual All Call test of the Borough’s emergency notification system. This test will send a notification to all numbers in the Borough’s current emergency notification database.

The annual All Call test provides information to the Borough on how quickly notifications are delivered to the entire community. In the weeks after the All Call test is completed, CodeRED will remove non-working numbers from the Borough’s database, which will help increase the speed and connection rate of future emergency alerts. The Borough deployed the CodeRED system earlier this year during the search for a missing woman in the Borough, who was found safe and unharmed.

What can a Borough resident or business expect to hear from CodeRED during the test? If your correct phone number is in the emergency notification database, you will receive a phone call from the CodeRED Emergency Notification System. The number that will be displayed on your caller I.D. will be 1-866-419-5000. You will hear a pre-recorded message about the CodeRED system. If you are unable to answer your phone, you will receive a voicemail with that same message. If you are signed up to receive text messages and/or e-mails, you will receive those as well during the test.

This message will direct residents and business owners to visit the Borough’s website,, and click on CodeRED at the top of the page to add or update contact information with additional phone numbers, text messaging, and e-mail addresses. Individuals can also text “Carlisle” to 99411 to sign up on their mobile devices.

CodeRED is a free service meant to keep the citizens of Carlisle Borough informed. Once someone registers for CodeRED, they will be notified of emergencies through phone calls, text messages, and e-mails. These alerts may include but are not limited to: boil water notifications, emergency street closures, missing persons, and evacuation notices. CodeRED will keep the contact information of its subscribers private and will only use the information for those notifications initiated by the Borough.

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