Water Main Replacement Project Update

The Borough of Carlisle's Water Main Replacement Project continues on in 2023.

The next areas of focus will be West Louther from North College Street to North West Street and North West Street from Lincoln Street to B Street. The contractor will place "No Parking" signs during the work and provide flaggers when necessary. Letters were sent to those property owners impacted.

2023 Water Main Replacement Project - Copy

We've received questions about the state of the roads and sidewalks in the area. Temporary patch paving has been placed over the trenches where the water line was installed. Final milling and paving will occur once the temperatures permit. Crews also temporarily placed pavement on some of the sidewalks as a stopgap until the weather is more conducive to pouring concrete. The final paving and restoration will most likely begin in April.

Why are we doing this? A significant portion of the Borough's water distribution lines are aging and have exceeded or are approaching the end of their typical operating life. We aim to replace one to two miles of old cast iron water distribution main each year to ensure residents have a clean and reliable water system for generations to come!
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