Community Town Hall

Carlisle Borough Council to Host Town Hall at Carlisle Alliance Church

 Mayor Sean Shultz and Carlisle Borough Council will host a Community Town Hall meeting at the Carlisle Alliance Church, 237 East North Street, on Wednesday, March 8, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

This event is the second in an ongoing series of town halls. The meetings were born from the 2022 biennial goal planning session, in which Council established its strategic priorities for 2022-2023. One of the goals is to elevate transparency and increase engagement with residents. The first meeting was held in October 2022 at Memorial Park.

The Community Town Hall allows residents to meet informally with Mayor Shultz, Borough Council members, and staff to discuss any matter in the community and share their thoughts.

“Serving our community begins with actively listening to the hopes, concerns, and wishes of our residents. The first town hall of this series gave us valuable perspective. We look forward to meeting with our fellow residents closer to home once again,” said Mayor Shultz.

Representatives from Dawood Engineering will also be present to discuss potential safety improvements to the intersection of East Penn Street, North Bedford Street, and Kerrs Avenue. The potential modifications include installing curb extensions at the corners to slow traffic, relocating the existing crosswalk across Penn Street to narrow the crossing distance for pedestrians and improve the sight distance for turning vehicles, and changes to signage. Residents will be able to view the proposed plans and provide feedback.

The Mayor and Borough Council will continue to hold additional town halls at locations throughout Carlisle Borough to better engage with residents.

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