Rental Housing Ordinance Vote Delayed

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and the measures that have been taken to minimize the risk of exposure to Borough residents, employees, and stakeholders, the Borough is delaying action on the enactment of the rental housing ordinance amendment.  The delay will allow more time for interested parties to provide in-person feedback on the proposed ordinance.

The Borough’s current rental housing ordinance was adopted in January of 2012 for the purpose of regulating residential dwelling units within Borough limits. Since early 2019, Borough Council and staff have been working on revisions to the ordinance, focusing on maintaining and improving the health and safety of the Borough’s rental housing stock. The center of discussion has been creating a mandatory licensing and inspection program for rental property owners.

Community engagement and public input have played a large role in designing the rental housing ordinance amendment. The Borough has worked directly with property owners affected by this ordinance and their suggestions have been taken into consideration while drafting the ordinance amendment. The ordinance amendment was advertised for public comment shortly before the COVID-19 situation arose, so to allow interested parties to continue to offer in-person feedback and public comment, the Borough has decided to delay the vote to a future date.

The earliest date that Borough Council may consider enacting this ordinance amendment is May 14, 2020.

Look for additional updates on this matter via the Borough’s website, social media, and The Sentinel.

You can view a copy of the proposed ordinance here.

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