Thermoplastic Lane Remarking


The thermoplastics crew will be installing additional bike symbols downtown on Friday. This work will not require any parking restrictions.

Crews will also be restriping the crosswalks at the Square and at other nearby intersections as time allows. These crews work very quickly and the material dries fast, but you may experience a brief traffic stoppage if you are in the area when they are working. They will do their best to keep delays to a minimum. Thank you for your patience!

On Wednesday, August 9, and Thursday, August 10, weather permitting, crews will be remarking the bicycle lanes along the metered sections of High and Hanover Streets. This will require temporary "No Parking" restrictions. On Wednesday, there will be no parking along the south side of High Street and the east side of Hanover Street. On Thursday, there will be no parking on the north side of High Street and the west side of Hanover Street.

This will be a rolling operation, so as crews complete one block, they will remove the "No Parking" signs and continue to the next. The crews are using thermoplastic, which has a quick drying time and areas should reopen to parking shortly after work is complete.

There are no lane closures associated with this work.
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