Silver Meters to be Replaced With Kiosks

Downtown Silver Parking Meters Being Replaced with Kiosks;
Metered Parking Free During Transition

 The Borough of Carlisle is upgrading its downtown parking metered system by replacing nearly 630 refurbished single-space smart parking meters with approximately 56 new solar-powered parking kiosks. Installation and programming of the kiosks are scheduled to begin on May 13 and will take approximately two weeks. During this transition period, metered parking will be free, but patrons should continue to observe all No Parking notices.

The vendor has strategically recommended approximately four kiosks per block with two on each side of the street in the short-term parking zones. Kiosks will also be placed in the parking lots to replace existing short-term (silver) meters. Efforts are being made to avoid placing kiosks directly in front of doors or windows of downtown businesses.

The Pay by Plate system will replace the current silver metered parking system and will provide flexible pay options including payment by mobile app, Pay by Text, cash or credit cards as outlined below:

  • Mobile App: The new system will utilize a mobile app called “Flowbird” versus the current Passport Parking app. Thus, app users will be required to download Flowbird to their mobile phones.
  • The Pay by Text option will allow patrons to pay via their cell phone without creating an account or downloading an app. Short term parking zone users will be able to text “PARKCAR1” to 727563 and enter their payment information.
  • Coins and credit cards will be accepted at the kiosk stations.

The new kiosks feature a full color touch-screen accessible display that meets ADA standards. The touch-screen walks users step-by-step through the transaction process. Additionally, the kiosk stations are anticipated to feature several languages in the future.

For long-term parking areas featuring gold meters, the metered system will remain in place. Patrons may still use coins at these gold meters or may also opt to use the mobile app “Flowbird” and Pay by Text, “PARKCAR2” to 727563. Directions will be listed on the gold meters.

NOTE: Parking rates and credit card fees are not changing, however, those using the Flowbird App and Pay by Text options will incur an additional separate vendor processing fee of $0.35/transaction. The first 15 minutes of parking is still free at the kiosk stations with the new Pay by Plate system.

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