Some Reminders About Trash Collection & Recycling

Waste Connections have been encountering several issues in the Borough while collecting trash and recycling. We wanted to remind you of some of our trash and recycling guidelines.

Cardboard Recycling
Cardboard placed curbside for recycling must be broken down no larger than 2' by 2' and either placed into your recycling container or tied/bundled and placed next to your container. The cardboard must also be clean and debris-free. Boxes like those show below will not be taken.
Cardboard Recycling
Borough Bags
Borough bags that are overstuffed and have trash spilling out of the top will NOT be collected by Waste Connections. Make sure all of the trash is inside the bag and the bag is secured.
Bag 3bag 2

Bulk Item Pick-Up
Reminder: Bulk item pick-up is currently suspended until further notice. Please do not leave large items curbside until the program resumes.

Thank you for your attention on these matters!

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