Pool Rules and Regulations

During the season the pool may close if one or more of the following occurs:

  • Inclement weather.
  • Unforeseen emergency/maintenance/staffing issues.
  • Swimmers will be required to remain clear of the pool and pool decks for 30 minutes after the last sighting of lightning or clap of thunder.
  • Rainchecks may be issued when the facility must be closed due to storm or emergency.  They will only be issued to those admitted within 30 minutes of the closure.
  • For closings call (717) 240-6957 or go to https://www.facebook.com/carlislecommunitypool/.  If the weather is questionable, call the pool prior to visiting. 

Failure to follow rules can result in serious injury. These rules were created to ensure the health, safety and security of all patrons. We wish you a fun and enjoyable experience while visiting the Carlisle Community Pool! Thank you for your cooperation!


1.    Chaperone Required: Children age 12 and younger MUST be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years of age or older who will accept responsibility for the safety and behavior of the child for the entire length of their visit.  Anyone leaving a minor at the pool complex unattended will have their pool privileges revoked.  
2.    Anyone willfully giving false information will have pool privileges suspended.
3.    Carlisle Borough residents must show proof of ID and residency at the front desk to get the discounted daily resident rate.
4.    Photo ID/proof of date of birth may be required to enter the pool or to purchase pool passes.
5.    Anyone who wishes to enter the pool complex including non-swimmers and chaperones must pay the admission fee.
6.    Children under 3 and all non-potty trained individuals must be in a swim diaper. Swim diapers that fit snugly around the legs and waist or incontinence swimwear are required.  Swim diapers may be available at the front desk for $2 each. Regular diapers are prohibited.  
7.    Please closely watch your children. It is critical that parents/guardians/adults actively supervise their weak and non-swimming children.
8.    All non-swimmers should be in a US Coast Guard approved flotation device (life jacket).  If you need to borrow a life jacket, ask at the front desk.  The pool’s life jackets are available on first come first serve.
9.    Prohibited:  smoking/tobacco/e-cigarettes, vaping, alcohol, drugs, weapons, glass containers, and pets.  You may smoke in your vehicle, or across from the front desk, on the sidewalk where a receptacle has been placed for your convenience.
10.   Outside food and beverage, coolers, lawn chairs, and shade tents (must be staked into the ground for safety) are permitted. 
11.    No horseplay (running, pushing, “chicken”, dunking, roughhousing, etc.).
12.   No profane, crude, obscene language or lewd or aggressive behavior.
13.   Persons with signs of illness or disease or with rashes, sores or bandages are prohibited (28 Pa. Code §18.53).
14.   Pennsylvania law requires all swimmers to take a soap shower BEFORE entering the pool water.
15.   The ADA ramp into the main pool and shallow end steps are for entering and exiting the water.  Please do NOT block the steps or ramp.  
16.   For your safety, no breath holding for long periods under water.
17.   Flotation devices, soft type balls and other water toys may be permitted, at the manager’s discretion, when the pool is not crowded.
18.   Flotation devices (rafts, inner tubes, noodles, etc.) are not permitted past the lane lines, but may be used in water less than five feet deep.  
19.  Roped off “landing zones” at the water slide, climbing wall and diving well are for equipment users only.  No standing or swimming within these areas.
20.    15-Minute Adult Swims – All children under the age of 18 must exit the water.  Only children under age 5 are permitted to be in the pool with an adult over the age of 18.  The purpose is to conduct water safety checks and promote bathroom breaks.  
21.   The Carlisle Community Pool is not responsible for any valuables or personal property brought into the facility.  Lost and found is located at the front desk.
22.   Daily admission patrons who wish to leave and come back, must get a wristband or receipt at the front desk to reenter the pool or will be required to pay the admission fee to get back into the pool complex. Receipts are available upon request.
23.   Do not distract the Lifeguards on duty around the pool deck, unless it is an emergency.  If you have a question or concern, please speak to the Manager on duty or see the staff at the front desk.
24.   Look to the nearest Lifeguard when you hear a whistle blast.
25.   Please report any incidents of FIRST AID needed to the staff at the back desk.  A full FIRST AID kit is available.  Lifeguards are certified in First Aid.
26.    Patrons who disregard the pool rules, public health policies, or staff directives may be suspended, expelled, or banned from the pool complex (without refund). Uncooperative patrons will be asked to leave immediately.


1.    The slide is NOT recommended for pregnant women, small children, and persons with back, neck or heart conditions. Non-swimmers are prohibited.
2.    Water depth in the “landing zone” is approximately 52-56 inches depending on water levels.
3.    No jeans, clips, buttons, chains or anything hard that could damage the slide.  Life jackets may be permissible if inspected by staff and deemed appropriate to wear.
4.    Form a single file line and wait behind the staff until it is your turn.
5.    Pool staff at the top of the slide will indicate to you when it is safe for you to go.
6.    Enter the water slide feet first, in the sitting position, slide one at a time sitting or lying down on back.  
7.    No double, lap sitting, standing, kneeling, rotating, or stopping on the slide.
8.    Upon entering the water, please promptly exit the "landing zone".
9.    The roped off "landing zone" is for sliding only.  No waiting, standing or swimming in this area.


1.     Non-swimmers and all flotation devices are prohibited.  
2.    Only one person at a time in the roped off “landing zone” below the wall.
3.    No flips or twists of any kind.  Feet-first entry only.
4.    For your safety, patrons must use the handgrips to climb, not the sides of the wall.
5.    No hanging from the glass board at the top.
6.    One attempt per climber. Once you fall, promptly exit the area and head to the back of the line.
7.    No waiting, standing or swimming in the roped off “landing zone”.


1.    The diving board is NOT recommended for weak swimmers.  Non-swimmers are prohibited unless wearing a life jacket.
2.    The weight capacity for the diving board is 250 lbs.
3.    Only one person permitted on the diving board / in the "landing zone" at a time.
4.    Patrons may NOT enter the water backwards or sideways.  
5.    After taking your turn, please exit the "landing zone" in a timely manner. 


1.    Non-swimmers and life jackets are prohibited.  
2.   Proper lap swimming etiquette is required.  When there are more than two people in a lane, circle swimming is required.  Stay to the right side of the lane. Stop only at the wall.

1.     The recommended age for children in the wading pool is 8 years of age and younger.
2.    Children may not be unattended in the wading pool area, and MUST be supervised by a responsible person within arm’s reach. 
3.    The lifeguard at the wading pool is responsible for the safety of all patrons in the area.

2024 Pool Rules and Regulations
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