Parking Kiosks

The Borough of Carlisle recently upgraded its downtown metered parking system by replacing nearly 630 refurbished single-space smart parking meters with approximately 56 new solar-powered parking kiosks.

There are approximately four kiosks per block with two on each side of the street in the short-term parking zones. Kiosks are also placed in the Borough parking lots to replace existing short-term (silver) meters.

The Pay by Plate system replaces the current silver metered parking system and provides flexible payment options.

Watch as our Finance Director Richard Juday walks through paying for parking at a kiosk. (Video courtesy of The Sentinel.)

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I pay for parking now?

There are several ways you can pay for parking with the new Pay by Plate system.

  • Coins are accepted at every kiosk station.

  • Credit cards are accepted at every kiosk station.

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  • Mobile app. The new kiosks utilize a mobile app called “Flowbird” versus the current Passport Parking app. The Flowbird app can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play Store. 

  • Pay by Text. This option allows patrons to pay via their cellphones without creating an account or downloading an app. Short-term parking zone users can text “PARKCAR1” to 727563 and enter their payment information.
What type of coins do the kiosks accept? Do they also take bills?

The kiosks accept nickels, dimes, and quarters, and silver dollars.

They do not accept paper money.

Can I still get 15 minutes free?

Yes, you can still receive the first 15 minutes of parking for free when you pay at the kiosk.

If you just want the 15 free minutes and nothing else, you still must enter your license plate number and select a payment method on the kiosk. Once on the payment method screen, there is a button at the bottom right of the screen that says "Free Time Only." Push that and you're set!

Kiosk 15 Minutes Free - Copy

If you pay for parking at the kiosk with coins or cards, the 15 free minutes are automatically added to your time.

The 15 free minutes feature is not available via the app or Pay by Text.

What are the parking rates for the kiosks
Coin Rate
  • $.05 = 4 minutes
  • $.10 = 8 minutes
  • $.15 = 12 minutes
  • $.35 = 28 minutes
  • $.75=1 hour

Credit Card Rate
  • $1.15/hour
  • One-hour minimum
  • If you use the app or Pay by Text you will incur an additional separate vendor processing fee of $0.35/transaction.
When is parking enforced?

Parking is enforced Monday – Friday (excluding Borough holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The kiosks are programmed not to accept payment when parking is not being enforced.

I’ve had trouble with parking kiosks in other cities. The transaction session runs out before I can finish. How long will users have to finish their transactions on the kiosks in Carlisle?

The kiosk screens give ample time when a transaction is taking place. If the screen happens to go black during an active transaction, press the green button and it will come back at the spot it was last on.

The Passport Parking app always worked well. Why did you go with the Flowbird app?

The kiosks we chose were designed to be used with the Flowbird app.

I still have money left in my wallet on the Passport Parking app. How can I get that back?

You can receive a balance refund by deactivating your Passport Parking account. Go to, login, and select “Profile” from the menu, and then select “Deactivate Account.” It will then prompt you to enter additional information to obtain your refund.

What about the handicapped spaces? Will kiosks be positioned near them?

The meters at the designated handicapped spaces will remain and will accept coins or credit cards. You can also still use the kiosk, app, or Text to Pay if you choose.

These kiosks are solar-powered. Will they work on cloudy days? The old meters ran into this issue.

The parking kiosks will have a backup battery source. Previous battery back-ups for the silver meters had become increasingly difficult to get, but there is an ample supply of the kiosk battery back-ups. The kiosks are also not in a fixed location and can be moved if there are any issues with trees.

Am I paying for a specific spot on a block or can I move my vehicle to a different spot during my paid parking session?

Under the new Pay by Plate system, parking is divided into Zones. Currently, there is Zone 1 and Zone 2. Zone 1 is the short-term parking zone and utilizes the kiosks. Zone 2 is long-term parking and utilizes the gold parking meters. When you pay for parking, you are paying for parking within that particular zone. During your paid session, you can move your vehicle to a different spot as long as it is in the same zone you paid for.

Are there any changes to the gold, long-term meters?

The gold meters remain in place and will still accept coins. If you use the Passport Parking app when parking at the gold meters, you will need to switch to the Flowbird app. An additional payment method, Pay by Text, will be available at the gold meters.

Payment methods for gold meters will include:

  • Coin
  • Flowbird App
  • Pay by Text. You can pay via your cellphone without creating an account or downloading an app. Text “PARKCAR2” to 727563.

Payment directions will be listed on the gold meters.

What are the parking rates for the gold meters?
  • $.25 = 1 hour
  • If you use the app or Pay by Text you will incur an additional separate vendor processing fee of $0.35/transaction.
Why are we making this change?

In 2019, we purchased and installed over 600 refurbished smart parking meters. These meters were reaching the end of their useful life and battery back-ups were also failing. In 2023, staff began reviewing potential replace options.

The decision was made to replace the nearly 630 single-space smart meters with approximately 56 solar-powered parking kiosks.

By switching to kiosks, we are:

  • Upgrading our parking system to the latest technology
  • Improving the parking process
  • Decreasing number of assets requiring maintenance
  • Improving efficiency of collection of funds
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