Fairground Avenue Closure Frequently Asked Questions


Will the closure only be during work hours or 24 hours per day, 7 days per week? 
Once the road is closed, it will remain closed 24-hours per day, 7 days per week for the duration of the closure.
How long after the road is closed do you expect it will be reopened to vehicle traffic?

This depends on how quickly construction can be completed.  At this point, we expect about 1-month from the start of the closure.

Will the Borough's trash and recycling provider (Waste Connections) be able to travel down the road to collect trash and recycling during the closure? 

Residents should continue to place Borough trash bags and recycling bins at the front of their property for the scheduled pickup.  Rogele will collect the bags and recycling bins the morning of the pickup for collection by Waste Connections at the point outside the closure.  Please mark your property address on your recycling container so Rogele can return the empty container to the front of your property once the recycling is collected.

If a resident has special needs and relies on a service provider for transportation, who should they contact to make arrangements for the service provider's access for picking up or dropping off the resident at their property?
Contact Mitch Kauffman, Rogele Project Manager, for coordination with the service provider.  Mitch can be reached at 717-756-3854.  Please note that access to the front of the houses will be limited, and residents should use the rear of their property as much as possible.  
Will emergency responders (police, fire, ambulance, etc.) have vehicle access to the front of the properties during the closure? 
Yes, the Borough has informed our emergency responders about the closure and Rogele will coordinate with the responders for access in the event of an emergency.
Will residents continue to be able to walk from the front of their property along Fairground Avenue during the closure? 
Access to the property fronts will be very limited due to the shift of Fairground Avenue to the east and the need for full reconstruction of the sidewalks and roads.  Rogele will work with the residents as best we can, but emphasis should be placed on accessing the properties from the rear.
Will this closure affect mail service?

Mail service will continue to the properties during the closure.

Will students who walk to school need to find an alternate route during the closure or will they still be able to walk along the front of the properties bordering Fairground Avenue?
See Answer 6.  Rear access to the properties should be used if possible.  
Where can I park my vehicle during the closure?
Residents will not be able to park along Fairground Avenue and should seek other locations such as the rear of their property from Vozar Avenue, along A Street, or along B Street.  
Carlisle Boorugh 53 West South Street 717-249-4422 Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM