Project One


Project 1 involves improvements to North Hanover Street and Carlisle Springs Road. The intersection of Carlisle Springs Road and North Hanover Street will be realigned to bring the approach to a 90 degree angle. There will also be a traffic signal installed at the intersection. Further south, a 5-point roundabout at the instersection of North Hanover Street, West and East Penn Streets, and Fairground Avenue will be installed.. This complex project will begin in spring 0f 2020. The project timeline may depends on how quickly the needed rights-of-way are obtained.  The work at North Hanover Street and Carlisle Springs Road will be done as a staged construction without the need for detours. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained throughout by shifting traffic off to the side. Parts of Fairground Avenue and West and East Penn Streets will need to be temporarily closed during the the roundabout construction. The total budget for Borough Project 1 is $8.6 million.

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