TIGER Project Frequently Asked Questions

Project Background

What is the Carlisle Connectivity Project?

The Carlisle Connectivity Project is a series of transportation upgrades designed to improve mobility around and through the redevelopment sites in the northern part of Carlisle. The Connectivity Project is comprised of three different projects with different timelines.

  • Western Phase
  • Borough Project 1
  • TIGER Project
What is the TIGER Project?

The TIGER Project earned its name because of the type of federal grant that is helping fund it: Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery.

The TIGER Project includes:

  • Improvements to Fairground Avenue north of the railroad tracks
  • Improvements to B Street from Carlisle Springs Road north to College Street
  • 3-point roundabout at B Street and Fairground Avenue
  • 4-point roundabout at B Street and North College Street
  • Paved, mixed-use trail adjacent to Fairground Avenue
  • Sidewalk, drainage, and sign upgrades
  • Replacement of cast iron water mains with new ductile iron water mains and new water valves
  • Various streetscape enhancements including
    • Improved Sidewalks
    • Pavers
    • Decorative Lighting
    • Landscaping
    • Stormwater Management Features
    • Benches
    • Bike Racks
Why are roundabouts being built as part of this project?

Roundabouts are part of the TIGER Project to improve pedestrian safety and mobility. When crossing at a roundabout, a pedestrian only needs to be aware of traffic coming from one direction, rather than two. Roundabouts also decrease the distance a pedestrian must travel when crossing the street.

Construction Details

When can we expect construction to begin?
The Preliminary Phase of the project began March 2. The first phase involves pre-construction inspections, a water line replacement on B Street, and utility relocations (PPL, UGI, Comcast, Century Link). Work had to stop on March 16 due to the statewide COVID-19 shutdown. Construction is set to begin again on June 15.
How long will this project take?

The scheduled completion date is October 5, 2021.

Who is the contractor performing the work on this project?

Rogele, Inc. out of Harrisburg was awarded the construction bid for the TIGER Project.

During what hours will construction occur?

Construction is tentatively scheduled to take place Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. As the project progresses, night and/or weekend work may be required.

Traffic Control

Will any of the roads be closed during construction?

Roads will be closed on a block-by-block basis as construction occurs. The contractor will notify residents of the affected blocks ahead of time by posting of no-parking signs.

I live in the construction area. Will I still be able to park on my street during the work?

When a block has construction occurring, there will be no on-street parking available on the block during that time. However, the Borough will lift residential parking enforcement on B Street and Fairground Avenue during the construction period to allow for more parking.

Information for Residents in Construction Area

My kids walk to school. Will they need to take alternate routes?

The project involves replacement of existing sidewalks.  The contractor will place “sidewalk closed ahead” signs at the entrance to a block while sidewalk demolition and reconstruction activities are taking place within the street block.  Students will need to walk on an adjacent sidewalk if the sidewalk they normally used is closed for construction.

How will my mail be delivered during the construction?

The contractor will allow access for postal delivery vehicles and carriers.

How will my trash be picked up during the construction?

The contractor will give the trash hauler access to pick up trash and recycling. You may continue to leave your trash and recycling curbside on your regularly scheduled day.

Will we lose access to water, power, or any other utilities while they are being relocated?

No. Work will be staged so that residents do not lose access to their utilities during that time. There may be a very brief outage period when the services are transferred or existing utility infrastructure is replaced or relocated.. The utility companies or contractor should provide advance notice to residents when a temporary shutdown is needed.

Who are the individuals in white hard hats surveying the construction?

The individuals in the white construction hats are from TRC Engineers, Inc. They are handling construction inspection on this project for the Borough. Feel free to ask them any questions or share any concerns/issues you may have with the construction.

Are residents getting new sidewalks as part of this project?

Yes. New sidewalks and curbs will be installed along Fairground Avenue from the railroad tracks north to B Street, and on B Street from Carlisle Springs Road west to College Street. This will be done at no cost to the property owner.

Will street trees be planted as part of this project?

Yes, new trees will be planted. If you would like to learn more about the trees being planted in your area, please contact the Borough.

How can I receive updates about the construction project?

The Borough will provide press releases, social media updates, and website updates throughout the project.

Whom may I contact at the Borough if I have additional concerns?

You can call Borough Hall at 717-249-4422 and ask to speak to either Susan Armstrong, Borough Manager; Owen Snyder, Assistant Borough Manager; or Mark Malarich, Borough Engineer.

Carlisle Borough Committed to Excellence in Community Service
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